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Dedicated to photographers, artists, and educators who are seeking clear, concise, insightful, and inspiring information and techniques on how to make your photographs shine. Based on the concepts of the traditional darkroom, The Creative Digital Darkroom encompasses a tutorial approach that translates traditional skills, concepts, and nomenclature into contemporary digital solutions using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Lightroom. Shying away from quick tips and gratuitous effects, this book concentrates on the most important tools and techniques for creating effective images that express your true vision.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgments
Foreword by Stephen Johnson

Section 1: The Essentials
Lays the foundation for the entire book as we explain our creative thought process, equipment considerations, and presents an overview of our digital darkroom workflow.

Chapter 1: Silver to Silicon

 Chapter 2: Digital Nuts and Bolts

Chapter 3: Scan, Develop, and Organize

Chapter 4: File Preparation

Section 2: The Black & White Darkroom
Many of you remember your first darkroom experience, as you watched a print appear in the developer tray – the impact, the magic and mystery of this moment, cannot be underestimated. This section honors this memory and reveals the techniques of enhancing tone, exposure, contrast by applying global and selective contrast, lighting (dodging), and darkening (burning) techniques. The black and white image is still considered the penultimate photographic art form, and this section shows the reader how to take an average exposure and make it gallery ready.

Chapter 5: Tone and Contrast

Chapter 6: Dodging, Burning, and Exposure Control 

Section 3: The Color Darkroom
Photography is more than a pigmented black and white image – color is how we see and feel the world. From a muted sunrise to the dynamic energy of exotic location photography, color speaks to the viewer on a deeper emotional level than a simple RGB value can convey. This section takes the mystery out of color correction and shows you how to accentuate the color emotion in your images.

Chapter 7: Color Correction

Chapter 8: Creative Color Effects 

Section 4: Creative Techniques and Printing
As photographers, we do much more than record a scene, rather – we take great efforts to interpret, accentuate, and express our unique point of view. Similar to how a musician improvises, the original exposure is the score and the Photoshop techniques revealed in this section are the jazz riff photographers use to transform a photograph from a straight-forward rendering to your personal creation.

Chapter 9: Creative Enhancements 

Chapter 10: Enhancing Focus 

Online Chapter: Print Making

Online Table of Content and Index