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"The Creative Digital Darkroom is one hefty book filled with so much Photoshop and Lightroom goodness that you'll be busy and in bliss for a long long time. The layout is appealing and the photos inspiring, just what you need when tackling a subject like this. And then there's the writing. It's nice to be in the midst of Photoshop professionals who through their years of teaching have perfected their craft. Katrin and Sean have done just that. The detailed instructions carry you effortlessly through what at first may look like complicated waters."

1/22/08 Scott Kelby's blog

"I have to say—it’s the most complete book I’ve seen on the topic, and packed with so much in-depth info they probably didn’t sleep for a year."


"The Creative Digital Darkroom translates skills, concepts, and nomenclature of the traditional darkroom into digital solutions for photographers who sense that, despite the newness of the technologies at hand, there remains a timeless method for learning and practicing photography the right way. brazilian hair

This is not a Photoshop book per se, but it does focus on the photographic aspects of Photoshop, something other books claim to do but rarely have the discipline to accomplish."


"And while their highly anticipated new resource offers plenty of up-to-the-minute, in-depth, hands-on instruction in digital darkroom techniques covering a wide range of topics, Katrin and Sean also share their thoughts about photographic concepts. Readers learn how to look at the image and listen to it. They discover how changes to the delicate matrix of light and shadow tones can transform the mood and meaning of a photo. They find out how to sculpt with light and contrast. And readers discover how to imagine color and tonal changes that best express their visions for the photographs."

Reader comments

"I'm now up to page 35 (reading on the subway to/from the meeting). The way you've laid out and explained the colour management stuff is the clearest, most relevant and most straightforward I've seen yet, and you didn't sacrifice useful detail to achieve it. This is really good - laying it all out this way is especially valuable for people just getting into PS, and who can be freaked-out the first time they see a warning box and freeze-up over how to respond. This text gets them through that painlessly."

"Creative Digital Darkroom is basically what everyone needs to read! I, myself, have been trying to resolve a lot of the points you and Sean address and that gives me a lot more confidence in approaching these matters. Having informed guidance is terrific. Best book on digital photography I’ve seen. Congrats, this is a real contribution, it’s the book I’d like to have written! Very timely and right on target, covers the bases, all of them, what more can I say?"

"I'm working my way through your wonderful new book and, with every page I turn, I get more and more impressed with your mastery of the material and, more importantly, the clear, lucid way that you present it. Thanks to you and Sean, many "holes" in my understanding of the digital darkroom and its processes have been plugged."